The show follows crime busting mouse reggae band Da Easy Crew, who split their time between making music and solving mysteries for Da President of Mouseland. Rastamouse is a delightful watch with bold scenery, stop-motion animation, and reggae music. Rastamouse and his friends follow clues to uncover the source of troubles that arise in their town and help people make better decisions that help, rather than inconvenience, people.


Fishtronaut introduces preschoolers to matters of the environment and nature through the lively adventures of a team of mystery solvers. As they follow clues to answer the day's riddle, they learn about animal habits, classification, and nature's diversity, as well as discovering that learning from their mistakes is as important as getting the right answer on the first try. The stories tread lightly on issues such as extinction (in one episode, a blue macaw mentions that he's one of the last of his kind because of years of humans capturing them in the wild, for instance), so kids might have questions that linger after the story's end. Pre-reading skills such as color recognition and counting are involved in the show, and the characters must mimic rhythmic patterns to access clues to their tasks.

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The series begins with personifications of two of the five elements, Raindrop (water) and Shao Yen (wood), training with their Master, Yun, in the ancient art of Chitaido. However the strongest leader in the Land of a Thousand Legends, General Bu, upsets the peaceful world by taking Yun to begin his attempt to capture the four elements after Flamo, the fire element, joins him voluntarily. General Bu does this to stop the elements joining together and defeating him. Master Raindrop and Shao Yen are soon joined by the other two elements: Jin Hou, the metal element, and Niwa, the earth element (a humanoid girl who appears to be made of clay). Together they attempt to rescue Master Yun and travel to the place where the golden dragon was defeated and restore him to power.

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