For these half-car, half-animal friends, each day in Zippy City is a chance to have fun, be creative and use teamwork to solve all problems!
A race car Speedy, an autocrane Geraldine the giraffe, Bungi the monkey and many others.
These friends teach kids good character traits, problem solving, healthy competition and most of all friendship!


Hogie, the frog, will take us globe the world! He is a traveler, and adventurer a globehopper. Join Hogie as he explores the world with his best friends:
Bernie the Dragonfly and Lorna the Duck!
In every place they land there is always something excited to see and do. The planet is amazing, why don’t you come and see it too!


The stars of the series are YO & YO, twins with very different personalities:
YO is shy and cautious, YO is outgoing and impulsive. He thinks before acting, she acts before reflecting.
They have different dreams. But at critical moments their minds find the twin tune, because two heads reason better than one.


Vic the Viking is a 10-year-old boy that will show us that peace is better than fighting.
Vic and his dad get involved in thrilling adventures companied by a colorful crew of burly Vikings!
Vic is not big or strong, but everybody rely on this brainpower to untangle the most complicated situations!


Armed with nothing but his cheeky overconfidence, Blinky takes on whatever wild perils the world can throw at his peaceful outback home.
No matter whether the task is grandiose, epic, dangerous, or frivolous - to Blinky it’s all just adventure in disguise!
He never gives up and no matter what the problem is you can count on him


Nils is an intrepid boy that is always looking for new adventures.. But one day he transforms into a miniature human and discovers that he can talk to animals.
Now Nils is a little farm boy that flies in with all his friends from the countryside!
Go with him on an adventurous trip across Sweden and encounter many adventures!


Teo is a cheerful, lively, smiling 9 years old boy, with a special quality...
When he sneezes… he turns into an animal!
He can’t control its sneezes and he can’t predict which kind of animal will turn into!
But with the help of his friends he will always get out of it.


Mila is an 8-year-old quirky, energetic tomboy who loves to tell you fantastic story-tales, but with her own twist.
Everybody gets inspired by her imagination and become storytellers themselves.
Mila's questions and games bring kids right into the story.
Join the laugh at this innovative series, which explores the world of classic tales.


Marin and his family move to the big city, but the movers accidentally drop them off in the wrong town! A wonderful underwater village
Our five-year-old Marin soon meets new friends and warm-hearted neighbors, and convinces his parents to stay!


Tiny mythological creatures that unbeknownst to humans live inside of machines, appliances and devices conscientiously maintaining and repairing them with the aid of their tool-filled pack-o-mats.


The English-language animated series features two kitten characters that discover the world through toys in a big play box -- their "Imaginarium." Helping kids learn the important lessons in life and have a blast learning them.


Mouk is a globetrotter cycling around the world and meeting new friends. As he travels the globe, he discovers the beauties, mysteries, and thrills of foreign lands. From the Sahara desert to Morocco, from Australia to Madagascar, adventure is always at the end of the road! Surprising characters, breathtaking landscapes, and unknown traditions. Live great adventures and discover many cultures!


The show follows crime busting mouse reggae band Da Easy Crew, who split their time between making music and solving mysteries for Da President of Mouseland. Rastamouse is a delightful watch with bold scenery, stop-motion animation, and reggae music. Rastamouse and his friends follow clues to uncover the source of troubles that arise in their town and help people make better decisions that help, rather than inconvenience, people.


The show follows the adventures of Frances "Franny" Fantootsie (a portmanteau of "fantasy" and "tootsie") as she tries on various pairs of shoes and travels to different places in the world. Franny's Feet exposes viewers to racial and cultural differences around the world and even thoughtfully touches on disabilities. Helping others is a central theme, and Franny and her new friends talk openly about their feelings. The show combines vocabulary development and global learning with age-appropriate storytelling.


Join Mily and her friends as they investigate the major themes of life encountered in everyday situations. Mily is a funny, curious and uncertain little 9-year-old girl. Like many children her age, she has a great many questions about life, people, and the world. She s never lost for words; in fact, life for her is a goody-bag full of questions to be dipped into. Whenever a particular situation raises a question worthy of examination, Mily is immediately on the case! From one episode to the next, through everyday situations and without ever favoring a particular point of view, Mily introduces young viewers to the art of questioning and the development of an inquiring mind.


With a large dose of humor, in this new season, Telmo and Tula will teach children how to develop their own Arts & Crafts skills using all kind of materials: plasticine, paper mache, clay, ink, etc. Join them and their new pet, Paquito, a tiny mouse, into a world that will stimulate children’s creativity through fun.


Dragon is a darling preschool series inspired by a series of children's books by Dav Pilkey. The stories follow Dragon's experiences at home and around his community, illustrating how he solves problems (how to feed his new cat, for instance), enjoys the outdoors, and performs common tasks. They're methodically paced and narrated much like a book would be read, with pauses that encourage kids to process what they see and hear. Most episodes show Dragon learning something new, and in every case he's shown to be kind and a good friend. This gentle series is an excellent companion to the books and amply entertaining on its own.


The amazing world of Qumi-Qumi in which the show is set bears a remote resemblance to Earth, however, its flora and fauna hold far more fanciful traits. The Qumi world consists of three tribes which live separately: those are scientists, magicians and the military tribe. Juga, Yusi and Shumadan come from different tribes but get on much better with each other than with their co-tribesmen. In every episode one of the three friends runs into trouble all of them need to clear it up. The fact that both Juga and Shumadan are in love with Yusi doesn't make the situation any easier. The characters speak the imaginary Qumi language which can be understood by every kid and certain adults. The language is pretty simple, it's very easy to learn it.